4 Most Popular National Monuments Near Kanab

A trip to Kanab isn’t complete without a day trip to some of the nearby national monuments. Known for its unique sandstone and rock formations, this area of Utah is a popular destination for hikers and landscape photographers. Here’s a list of the most-visited national monuments near Kanab.

  1. Rainbow Bridge


The high arch of this bridge resembles a giant rock rainbow, hence the name. It’s one of the largest known natural bridges in the world. If you visit during the summer, you can catch a ranger near the bridge talking about the geology and sacred history of this impressive national monument. You’ll have to hike one of two moderately strenuous trails to get to Rainbow Bridge.

  1. Grand Staircase-Escalante


At this national monument, a series of plateaus descend from Bryce Canyon toward Grand Canyon, resembling a staircase. The Escalante River used to run through this area many years ago. When it dried up it left behind a number of narrow canyons, towering cliffs and fossil-filled grottoes.

  1. Vermilion Cliffs


The Vermillion Cliffs National Monument is where you’ll find the Wave, a unique formation of red rock layers and windblown sand. The popularity of this site has grown so much that permits are now required and limited to only 20 people per day. Besides the Wave, destination hikers can embark on a 38-mile, multi-day backpacking trip through the towering cliffs of Paria Canyon.

  1. Cedar Breaks


One of the most beautiful places to stargaze is Cedar Breaks National Monument. See the Milky Way like you never thought possible thanks to the remote location and 10,000-foot elevation. Scenic hiking trails throughout the area overlook a beautiful natural amphitheater.


Parry Lodge is base camp for your daytime adventures to the national parks and monuments near the Utah and Arizona border.

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For more information on permits and accessibility of these monuments, visit the Kanab Visitor Center.

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