Captivating Western Galleries and Museums in Kanab Utah

Looking to add some captivating art galleries and museums to your Southern Utah itinerary? Kanab is home to quite a few of them. We’ve gathered up four of our favorite places to refer our guests to that are just around the corner from Parry Lodge:


Raven’s Heart Gallery


Known for its “art with heart” mantra, Raven’s Heart Gallery provides inspiring pieces of artwork that expresses kindness, compassion and respect for all life. You’ll see plenty of works by Gary Kalpakoff and Cyrus Mejia along with other emerging artists from the region and beyond. Stop in for a chance to peruse the varying western works including jewelry and photos—and maybe take one home as a souvenir!


Kanab Heritage Museum


With thousands of artifacts on display, the Kanab Heritage Museum shows us first-hand what life was like for the native people, early western explorers and settlers many years ago. Learn about the history of Kanab by spending time in this family-friendly museum located across the street from historic Parry Lodge.


Kanab Heritage House


You won’t want to miss out on taking a guided tour of the first modern home built in Kanab. Listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places, Kanab’s Heritage House is known for housing three of the most prominent Kanab families since 1892. Inside you’ll find uniquely crafted furniture and craftsmanship as you walk from room to room.


Prefer to do a walk through tour of your own? Check out the self-guided tour brochure before you head over during their hours of operation.


Little Hollywood Land


Did you know that locals refer to Kanab as “Little Hollywood”? Over one hundred movies were filmed in or near the area since the early 1900s. If you’re interested in learning more about the films that were shot here, then this is the place to be! Visit Little Hollywood Land and you’ll get to experience a movie set museum, a photography gallery and studio, a classic trading post and a chuck wagon restaurant all in one place.


Want to learn even more about this great city? The fun doesn’t have to stop after you exit the places above. Book your room at Parry Lodge, where there’s no better place to immerse yourself in Southern Utah’s history. When you book, you get the chance to stay in rooms where famous former guests have stayed, like Ronald Raegan and Clint Eastwood. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the gorgeous scenery that surrounds the Lodge, either!

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