Everything You Need to Know About The Wave at Coyote Buttes

At Parry Lodge, we’re game for anything and everything adventurous. That’s why when our guests come to us asking what there is to do in the area, we are fully prepared with a list of fun and exciting activities. One of which is witnessing the Wave in person.


Here’s what we know about the Wave at Coyote Buttes:


What is it?


The Wave is a sandstone rock formation located in Arizona, near the northern border with Utah. It is known for its colorful walls and undulating forms, attracting an increasing number of hikers and photographers each year. One look at this formation and it’ll be clear why they call it “the Wave.”


How do you get there?


The Wave is in the north section of Coyote Buttes, between Paria Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. If you’re staying at Parry Lodge in Kanab, the drive to the trail head is under an hour. Once you get to the start of the trail, it’s a 2.6-mile hike to reach the Wave—if you have a permit, that is.


Is it required to obtain a hiking permit?


Yes, in fact due to the Wave’s overwhelming popularity of the site, the Bureau of Land Management now limits foot traffic to 20 people per day. To snag a permit, you can go about it one of two ways; in person or online. If you are planning well in advance, we suggest trying your luck in the advanced online lottery. You can visit the BLM website to apply for $7 per person per day (an additional non-refundable $5 is tacked on as a transaction fee, though). Running out of time or didn’t make the online Wave lottery? You can also enter the in-person lottery at the Visitors Center in Kanab, Utah.


Should you hire a tour guide?


That’s up to you. A knowledgeable tour guide would be a bonus, especially if you don’t want to worry about taking a wrong turn during your trek. Check out Forever Adventure Tours, located inside of Denny’s Wigwam across the street from Parry Lodge.


Prefer to go about the hike yourself? We suggest carrying a map or GPS device with you.


The Wave at Coyotes Buttes is a rare sight to see, especially with its growing popularity among out-of-town visitors and limited amount of permits available. If you’re one of the lucky lottery winners, search no further than Parry Lodge to complete your ideal adventure vacation. Give us a call at 435-644-2601 or visit us online to reserve your room today!

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