The Best Fall Photo Spots of Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, already well-known for its warm rainbows of rock formation, becomes even brighter during the fall season. Changing leaves add a new element to the dramatic landscape, as oaks, cottonwoods, and aspen all burst into flaming colors of gold, orange, and red.

You’re sold on the idea already, aren’t you? Before you hop in the car and head right out, however, it pays to spend a little time thinking about the best places to visit this fall. Here’s a quick rundown of our fave locations for a fall photo shoot.


Boulder Mountain

Leaves change color sooner depending with colder temperatures, so at higher elevations, you can enjoy fall hues earlier. Boulder Mountain and Panguitch Lake are both up there, so their leaf season runs from mid-September to the beginning of October. May we suggest you bring a picnic lunch?

Fall Color Loop

Want to hit a bunch of beautiful spots at once? Try the Fall Color Loop, whose name really says it all. This gorgeous drive (or bike, depending on your preferred mode of transport) follows Highway 143 from Panguitch Lake to Duck Creek Village to Navajo Lake. Each of these destinations is above 8,000 feet, which means they’ll hit peak color early, in the second half of September.

Aquarius Plateau

Boulder Mountain sits on Aquarius Plateau and is definitely striking. However, the rest of this area – which sits at 11,000 feet and is the largest timbered plateau on the continent – is equally worth visiting by bike or foot. The dazzling array of fall foliage covers 50,000 acres in reds, yellows, ambers, and golds, so don’t miss it. Plan to get there in early to mid-September if you want to get the best photos.


Want to plan a later trip? Escalante sits at lower elevations, so you can wait until early or mid-October for beautiful viewing. Be sure to leave time to visit its gorgeous arches, stand under its cascading waterfalls and enjoy the stunning beauty of its rippling formations, all of which make for stunning shots.

Parry Lodge

Oh, you thought we would forget the lodge itself? Nay, good friend. Parry Lodge, a stopover of starlets and senators, has plenty of Kodak-worthy backdrops against which to create your memories. Enjoy fall leaves from our sweeping grounds or inside our charmingly appointed rooms. Pose outside the movie theater or grin next to our famous retro sign out front. No matter what you do, don’t forget to bring your camera and enjoy your stay!

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