Why You Need to Hike Buckskin Gulch From Wire Pass

Buckskin Gulch is one of the most unique canyons in the world, and has become a sought-after destination for hikers around the world. Hikers of all skill levels want to get inside the gorge and experience its sleek and beautiful narrows. 

Parry Lodge is located just an hour away from Buckskin Gulch, and we often tell our guests to take the Wire Pass trail into the gorge. Here's why you need to try this hike during your next visit:

It's an Easy Hike — Perfect for Hikers of All Skill Levels

Buckskin Gulch has a variety of hiking trails that lead into its infamous gorge, but not all of them are as simple or as accessible as the Wire Pass trail. This is the most direct trail, and the easiest one to navigate. It's ideal for families with young children as well as beginners who want to get some experience.

You Can Bring Your Dog Along for the Journey

Wire Pass at Buckskin Gulch is a pet-friendly trail, and you can bring your dog with you. Just be sure to pack the supplies you need for both you and your pet, including plenty of water, pet food and baggies for cleaning up after your pet. This is a great way to make memories with your favorite four-legged pal.

It Can Be Completed in a Couple Hours

Some of the more complex trails that wind into Buckskin Gulch can take 10 hours or longer. The Wire Pass trail spans for just longer than three miles, and it can be completed in 2 hours roundtrip. It's easy to fit this relatively short trail into the day's itinerary.

Any hiker who is planning on hiking Wire Pass at Buckskin Gulch should be sure to check a weather forecast. Even a small amount of rain can lead to flash flooding at this location, so it's important to choose the right day to enjoy this Kanab adventure. Generally, the best times to hike this trail are between April and June as well as during September and October.

For more information on things to do in Kanab, contact us at Parry Lodge today.

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