Winter Hiking Tips to Make the Most of Your Trip

A trip to Parry Lodge in the cooler months means ample opportunity to enjoy some winter hikes. You'll never forget the experiences you have in the beautiful national parks that surround the Lodge. Whether you choose to hike in Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park, either site will bring majestic scenery, and, come winter, very cold temperatures and possibly extreme conditions.

Read on for tips to make your winter hike safe and memorable, and feel free to contact us for additional winter hiking tips at Parry Lodge.

Layer Up

The key to dressing for winter hiking is to layer up. Pair light weight, wickable fabrics with a warmer outer layer. On wet days, add a shell layer to help you stay warm and dry. As you exercise, you can shed and add layers as needed to ensure you stay safe and comfortable throughout your hike.

Remember Your Extremities

Even on a sunny winter day, be sure to keep a hat and gloves on hand, because temperatures can drop quickly in the national parks surrounding Parry Lodge. Make a safe plan to enjoy a day of winter hiking that keeps you safe and warm. And be sure to use sunscreen on any exposed skin.

Stay Hydrated

Winter hiking can feel less strenuous than the sweaty days of summer hiking, but be sure to stay well hydrated during your hike. Use a well-sealed thermos to carry warm herbal tea, or simply carry your usual water bottles or sports drinks and be sure to take regular water breaks.

Enjoying a winter hike can be an exciting, rewarding adventure, but it's important to stay safe. Wear layers, use appropriate protections for extremities and face, and drink plenty of water. For more information on area hikes, or for lodging inquiries, please contact Parry Lodge today.

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