Why You Should Visit Zion National Park in the Winter

No matter when you visit Zion National Park, you'll be in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds you. But there's something particularly magical about wintertime in Zion. At Parry Lodge, we believe that everyone should make it a point to visit this national park during the winter months. Here's why:

The Scenic Drives are Spectacular

The crowds are much lower during the winter months, and there aren't shuttle busses clogging the roads. Popular scenic drives to enjoy during the winter months include U.S. Highway 9 or Kolob Canyons Road. It's important to note that inclement weather may close down these drives, depending on the current conditions. But when they are open, they offer panoramic views made all the more magical by glittering ice and snow.

It's a Great Time to Go Cross-Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

If you hike, bike or drive along Kolob Terrace Road, you will find plenty of trails that are perfect for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. These unique winter sports can only be enjoyed during this quiet time of year, so it's great to take advantage of this chance for adventure.

There's Different Wildlife Species to Discover

Those who are familiar with Zion National Park may feel like they are experiencing the wildlife for the first time during the winter months. New and different species make their home in the park during the short, cold days of winter. You might see mule deer, eagles or wild rabbits.

You Can Take Incredible Photographs

When the terrain is covered in ice and snow, it feels like you are exploring another planet. With less cars and crowds, there are more opportunities for photos in the park. Plus, the sunsets are particularly stunning in Zion National Park during the winter.

If you want to enjoy all that Zion National Park has to offer during the winter season, then you need to book a stay at Parry Lodge. We are located just about half an hour away from Zion, and we offer the home away from home that you will crave after a day in the rugged, snow-filled terrain. 

For more information on things to do in the nearby national parks during the winter months, contact us today.

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